Kick-off Meeting 16-17/03/2018

The Kick-off Meeting of the Interreg South Baltic SEAPLANSPACE Project – led by the University of Gdańsk – took place in Gdańsk (Poland) on 16-17 March 2018.

The first day of the Kick-off Meeting took place in the main library of the University of Gdańsk at presence of 22 participants. The Kick-off Meeting consisted of three parts. The first part was dedicated to welcome speeches, substantive presentation of the JS representative, familiarization with project partners and WP3 Structure Overview (Marine Governance Network) by WP 3 Coordinator World Maritime University, Sweden. Due to the presence of the JS representative, the issues of the Partnership Agreement were discussed.The second part of the Kick-off Meeting was devoted to the presentation of: WP4 Structure Overview (Manuals) by WP4 Coordinator EUCC Germany, WP5 Structure Overview (Workshops) by WP5 Coordinator EUCC Baltic Office from Lithuania and WP6 Structure Overview (Project Website) by WP6 Coordinator Aalborg University, Denmark. The third part Kick-off Meeting concerned the WP1 Structure Overview (Project Management), as well as WP2 Structure Overview (Communication & Dissemination) presented by WP1 and WP2 Coordinator – the University of Gdańsk, Poland (SEAPLANSPACE Lead Partner). At the end of this day the project manager summed up the Kick-off Meeting and pointed out the next steps.

The second day of the Kick-off Meeting (individual consultations with Project Leader) took place at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Gdańsk at presents of 4 participants.